Oscardo: Celebrate Canadian and First Nations Artistry

Oscardo takes pride in offering a unique and culturally rich collection of gifts and souvenirs that showcase the beauty of Canadian and North American art. By choosing Oscardo products, you not only acquire stunning pieces but also contribute to supporting the Canadian and First Nations art communities in a meaningful way.

Inspiration and Design by Native Artists: Each product is thoughtfully inspired and meticulously designed, capturing the essence of Canada's rich cultural heritage and the vibrant traditions of the First Nations.

Supporting Canadian and First Nations Art Communities: When you choose an Oscardo product, you actively participate in fostering the growth and sustainability of Canadian and First Nations art communities. Your purchase becomes a powerful expression of solidarity, promoting the continued flourishing of indigenous artistry.

Royalties for Artists: At Oscardo, we believe in fair compensation for artistic brilliance. With every product sold, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the respective Native Artist. This commitment ensures that their contributions are recognized and rewarded, creating a sustainable ecosystem for artistic expression.

Artwork Approval by the Artist: We prioritize the integrity of the artist's vision. Before any product reaches you, the artwork undergoes a thorough approval process by the artist. This not only guarantees the authenticity of the piece but also ensures that the artist's creative intent is preserved, allowing you to own a genuine and meaningful piece of Canadian and First Nations art.

Show Your Pride with Oscardo: Whether you are searching for a unique gift or a special souvenir, your support not only enables the continuation of cultural expression but also allows you to be part of a movement that values and champions indigenous creativity.