Elevate Your Gifting Experience with Basic Spirit:

In the quaint coastal workshop of Pugwash, Nova Scotia, the artisans at Basic Spirit engage in the timeless art of crafting exquisite handmade gifts. Renowned for their commitment to creating beautiful and affordable items for many occasions.

10% of their profits are allocated to philanthropic projects.

What Is Pewter?

Today's pewter is a metal alloy composed of at least 90% tin, combined with other metals – like copper, bismuth and/or silver. It has a low melting point making it easier to cast and roll into sheets. There is no lead in it, unlike old pewter.

Pewter has been used for centuries, first by Egyptians & Romans, then all over Europe. It was used because it was relatively inexpensive, easy to work with and was very durable.

Does Modern Pewter Tarnish?

Pewter does not tarnish like silver or copper. Like all metals, it will slowly oxidize when exposed to air, giving it a soft patina.

How to Look After Your Pewter

Wash your pewter in warm soapy water and then towel dry.