Why Canadian Souvenirs Are So Popular


Most people love to give gifts, and Canada being a preferred travel destination, Canadian souvenirs are a sought after item by many world travelers. A quick search will tell you what the most popular Canadian souvenirs are and by proxy you can get a good idea of what people think of our fair nation.

For example, there are some people visiting who swear by our literature generally and a copy of Anne of Green Gables specifically. They understand how this famous book is a mirror for the beauty of the eastern provinces where it is set. On the other hand, other travelers swear by souvenirs like a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey or another hockey sweater as the most representative souvenir they can bring back from The Great White North.

Visitors looking to tell friends and neighbours back home that they learned something on their trip here might be tempted to buy an Inukshuk as a souvenir from this country. These stone monuments are man-made and can be found all over the land but particularly in the north where they stand guard and act as markers that tell natives some of their fellow travelers were there before them. If you’re visiting this country and want to take a piece of Canadian culture home with you, these are the perfect way to tell everyone that you learned something while you were here.

No list of the souvenirs that you can get in Canada would be complete without adding Maple Syrup. In fact, if you’re looking for something that says Canadian more than anything else and you’ve decided food is the way you want to go, looking for this delicious topping means that you’re going to get a unique Canuck treat.

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