Where are My Parcels?

Where are my parcels?

Wow – What a day!!

Where are my parcels? Thankfully parcels don’t go missing very often, but when they do…..

Been on the phone with Canada Post for half the day trying to find out what happened to some parcels I sent to customers; we ship a lot of parcels through them as you can imagine. When we query as to what has happened to the parcels we always get the standard reply, that they will ‘launch an investigation’. This can take from 5 to 45 days depending on where the parcel was shipped to. I understand that they have to find out what happened, but we run a business and can’t afford to wait that length of time; it is not our fault or that of our customers that the parcel did not get there; it is theirs.

We are a small business and can’t risk sending a second parcel to customers and then not being reimbursed by Canada Post for the missing one; this puts us in an awkward position as we strive to keep our customers happy; we do not want to lose their business or our money.

Although the number of lost parcels is very small, it is nonetheless very inconvenient, frustrating, and time-consuming. We would prefer to use a more reliable shipping method, but it would be more expensive for our customers, who already baulk at our really low, subsidized shipping rates.

…..breathe …  stay calm … relax ….

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