Warm Buddy Warm-Up Animals are a Must-Have For Your Kids

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Warm Buddy Warm-Up Animals are perfect gifts for the holidays, kids (and adults) will love them. Warm Buddy warm-up animals all have an inner heat pack that can be warmed in the microwave; this pack provides comforting warmth and makes a Warm Buddy a perfect sleep companion. They are safe and easy to use and help promote restful sleep. Warm Buddies make a great hot water bottle alternative. If you need a cool buddy, the inner packs can be cooled in the freezer too.

Why the Warm Buddy warm-up animals are a must-have for kids?

They come in a variety of adorable designs and can be used as a regular heat pack to provide a bit of extra warmth.
Kids love all of the Warm Buddy characters, they are so soft and comforting.
The gentle warmth promotes restful sleep and provides a sense of security.
Soothing relief for tummy aches and other minor aches and pains.

What Warm Buddies are available?

Warm Buddies come in an assortment of animal designs. A selection of bears of various sizes is always available. The animals and designs are changed and rotated every year to keep the line fresh.
There are animals made for babies (but not exclusively) with super soft fabric. The other animals are perfect for kids of any age, even adults.

How to use Warm Buddies

All the animals have a pocket with a velcro closure, where the removable heat pack is placed.
Remove the heat pack and microwave. The maximum heating time can be found on the heat pack label.
Do not reheat until the pack has cooled down.
To cool: place the pack in a plastic bag and cool in the freezer.
To wash: place the animal in a pillowcase and machine wash (cold or warm wash only) or hand wash. Tumble dry on low heat or hang to dry.
NOTE: Don’t forget to remove the heat pack before washing.

Ideal Gifts for almost all occasions

Warm Buddies are one of our most popular gift items for kids. A Christmas gift your child will treasure for many years.

Warm Buddy warm-up animals are designed in Vancouver, Canada

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