The Warm Buddy Panda: More comforting gift ideas for ‘kids’ of all ages

Warm Buddy Panda

DISCONTINUED PRODUCT: Please look at our new range of Warm Buddies

The latest member of our warm-up plush animal line has an immediately familiar face. Our new large Warm Buddy Panda bears a striking resemblance to at least one of the new additions to the Toronto Zoo except for Er Shun (female) and Da Mao (male) are the real deal on loan from China. Still, the parallels don’t end with the adorable faces. ‘Er Shun’ means ‘Double Smoothness’ in Chinese and that’s just what this real-live Chinese treasure has in common with our newest addition to the unique gifts we pride ourselves on.

Our Warm Buddy Panda is super soft, black and white and huggable, just like the real thing.   Young and old alike will get a warm feeling when they visit Er Shun and her brother at the Toronto Zoo and they can get the same sensation from our cuddly bear too since our Warm Buddy Panda comes with a trademark inner heat pack that makes it a perfect sleep companion for toddlers or a hot water bottle for seniors.

Unique gifts aren’t just the domain of the Chinese government. Our Warm Buddy Panda is the perfect solution when you’re looking for gift ideas. The heat packs are made with all-natural ingredients and this is one of the best gifts when you’re looking to soothe stress, aches and pains the natural way. Remember to add a few drops of aromatherapy essential oil to the inner pack for added enjoyment.

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