List of Canadian Gift Websites for Unique Canadian Christmas Gifts

Unique Canadian Christmas Gifts

Unique Canadian Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts? Yes, it’s that time of year again. Keep it local this year by buying Canadian. With the pandemic still raging and small businesses still having a hard time, our Canadian artisans, designers, and stores need your support. If you browse through your local gift shop’s inventory you will be pleasantly surprised by the many amazing and unique locally made products, you can find.
You can buy gifts in-store, but online is the way to go now. Local gift shops are all online now and many offer a gift wrapping service as well.

What to Give Your Friends and Family This Year?

Here is a short list of Canadian gift websites and gift manufacturers, make sure you check them out for local Holiday gift ideas for you, your friends, and your family.
Handmade is often a lot more personal, a little less mainstream, and a lot more unique. Shop our list of top Canadian gift manufacturers below.


The unique is easy to find at your local gift store.
Shop for them all in one place.
**** Products from all the manufacturers above are available at our local Gift Shop ****

In-Store vs. Online Shopping

If you’re wanting to go to a shop, but live too far away or don’t have time to travel, online shopping is certainly a good option. You can find some great stocking stuffers and a great present for a friend or relative. The quality of products and prices on Canadian websites may be better than you’ll find at a big box store. Shopping online may be a good option for those Canadians that live out of the country.

Keep It Local This Year

There is no need to buy imported products; Make the right choice and order unique Canadian Christmas gifts this year.
When you buy Canadian you’re helping local businesses and the economy, and you are also helping the environment by cutting down on transportation pollution.

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