The Benefits of Candles

The Benefits of Burning Candles in Your Home

The Benefits of Burning Candles in Your Home

There are many benefits to burning candles in your home. These days there are many types of candles with a myriad of scents. The most commonly used were paraffin wax candles but over the years there has been a shift to more natural waxes like soy, vegetable and beeswax. Many use natural aromatherapy scents to help calm and relax while others use simulated chemical scents, you get what you pay for. Many aromas trigger memories that remind you of a happy time or place you enjoyed. In a dimly lit room, the flickering flame can be mesmerizing and calming.

The Benefits

Make your home inviting and warm. A slow-burning candle emits a gentle light and flicker that can be soothing and calming. Once lit, it will blend with any surroundings and bring an ambience and warmth to the room. Many people enjoy the effects of scented candles with the fragrance wafting through the house. They come in a myriad of different scents, each evoking a different feeling.

Types of Candles

There are different types of candles on the market from eco-friendly soy, vegetable and bee waxes to old traditional paraffin wax candles. The paraffin wax candles are much cheaper, however, they also do not burn cleanly and you may get a sooty, oily film appearing if you burn them. As with all petrochemical products, they are also not very healthy if used indoors for extended periods. Soy and other vegetable waxes are cleaner burning and more eco-friendly, however, most (but not all) of the added scents are not natural. Natural beeswax candles with no scents added are the most expensive but best candles. They have a light, sweet scent of honey when burned, and many may actually clean the air.

This Maple Syrup Candle with a wooden wick is made from soy wax and has the beautiful scent of real Maple Syrup.

What to Look for in a Candle

Choosing the right kind of candle is not the easiest task as it is very personal and different for everyone. Select a scent that evokes a memory. Some people love the smell of burning candles, it brings them back to a happy place in their past or even brings them comfort when they need it. There are so many candle scents out there, the most common are floral scents like lavender. Coffee lovers can even get latte scented candles. Bakers can get apple pie, gingerbread and spiced cranberry candles. For Canadians, the favourite is a Maple Syrup scented candle.

Care and Safety Issues to Consider

If you want to keep your candle burning for as long as possible, do not burn it for more than 2 or 3 hours at a time. When the wick gets too long, trim it to about 5 to 7mm as a larger wick will create a larger flame and make the candle burn unevenly. Pillar candles that are not in a container will tend to form a hollow in the middle and then leak and drip down the sides; when the candle is out but still warm, squeeze the outer walls toward the centre but don’t cover the wick (be careful of hot liquid wax).

Always remember to:

Place the candle on a glass or ceramic plate.
Never leave it unattended.
Make sure there are no combustible materials in the vicinity.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Burning candles creates a warm, relaxing environment for your family and visitors to your home. They are also great for creating a focal point and can add a touch of romance to your dining table.

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