Stunning Handmade Silver Jewellery

Bug Brooch

One can tell that I personally love our stunning silver jewellery. I have just about one of each. I never fail to wear a pair of earrings and a necklace every day and people always compliment me on what I am wearing. What I like about our particular jewellery is that it doesn’t date and goes with any outfit. Several of our Israeli made earrings have hooks that close at the back which stops one losing an earring, especially in winter. I have lost many an earring when I’ve flicked the hood of my jacket off as I got into the car. I have the necklace below. I absolutely adore it. I also have the bracelet which matches.

I also love the Champagne Teardrop Earrings, made in Canada by Howling Dog Art. They are so pretty and chic; they are good for wearing in the evening or to work during the day. They stand out particularly well when wearing a black outfit.

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