Special Gifts for Special Children

Thoughtfulness is always the first criteria when you’re picking a gift for anyone, but you want to exercise a little more care than usual when you’re picking something out for a special needs child. Of course you need to take into account the personality of the person who will be the recipient, but there are other considerations like the ability level of the child as well. Some checkpoints can help you to make sure you get something wonderful that will be both safe and easy to use.

Children that have particular cognitive and/or development issues will respond to certain sights and sounds better than others. It’s always a good idea to ask a parent when you’re buying a gift for their child, but even more so when that smaller person has special needs. Toys come with a variety of lights, sounds and textures and the child’s parent is undoubtedly the expert when it comes to which ones are better suited.

It’s good to get some input on specifics here like the child’s motor skills as there might be some toys or gifts they can’t hold without the assistance of the parent but would nevertheless enjoy.

An experience

Depending on the child’s particular disability, they might not get out of the home environment as much as they should for the interaction and new experiences they need to stay engaged. Planning a trip or outing is great, but it might be best if you call ahead to ask about any special accommodations like wheelchair ramps that might be required at the local zoo or movie theatre. Another great way to make any outing special is to add some personal element that adds to the festivities. Decorating a wheelchair for the trip or giving it a personalized nameplate can make the day even more exciting.

Art Supplies

Special needs children respond well to painting and other artistic endeavors. T-shirt painting kits are an especially hot item these days and if you’re worried about getting something that can make a mess that parents will need to clean up, look for the kits that come complete with water based paints for easy washes.

Puzzles and Games

Depending on the level of impairment the child suffers from, games and puzzles are a great way for children with physical barriers to exercise and develop their cognitive abilities. However, you need be aware the product’s designated age for the child might be different considering their cognitive and physical needs.

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