A Solution for Handbag Clutter – The Rubyscloset Handbag Organizer

Baganizer Handbag Organizer - Gate

Since I’ve been using my Rubyscloset handbag Organizer I no longer have a problem finding anything I have in my handbag. No more groping around trying to find what I need, how unnecessary and what a stress.

The Handbag Organizer comes in colours to suit all tastes.

The best part of using the Rubyscloset Handbag Organizer is that it is transferable from one handbag to another. Just lift it out of one handbag by the handles and put it in another. Voila!!!!!! It’s as simple as that. No more unpacking and re-packing bags or searching and stressing about something you may have left at the bottom of the previous bag when you switched. It saves time and energy and everything is in the same place you had it in the previous bag.

There is a compartment for everything … In the medium or large size organizer you can keep Foundation, Lipstick, Gloss, Hairbrush, Pocket book, Cheque book, Mascara, Kleenex, Eyeliner, Make-Up Brushes, Smart Phone, medium size Tablet. I could go on and on. Like many women, I have everything but the kitchen sink in my handbag and it all fits in the organizer.

If you haven’t got a Handbag Organizer, what are you waiting for? It will change your life. Once you’ve used it, you’ll never be without a handbag organizer again. Get one for your mom or a girlfriend too. They’ll love it!!!

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