Reasons and Remedies for Backache, Muscle Pain & Sciatica

Reasons and Remedies for Backache

Backache, Muscle Pain and Sciatica

The reasons for back pain and muscle ache are many and varied. Listed below are a few of the more common ones. Also listed are some of the remedies for these aches and pains.


  • Stress: Tight Jaw, neck muscles shoulder muscles stomach and abdomen
  • Sports: Can affect all muscles of the body
  • Heavy lifting: Can affect all muscles of the body but usually the back
  • Repetitive strain: Using a computer mouse can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Doing the same task over and over at work.
  • Sitting position: Desk work and using a computer all day can affect the back, neck and shoulders.
  • Health conditions: Arthritis, cancer, MS etc.
  • Sciatica caused by lower back vertebrae misalignment, herniated or bulging disks. A very painful and often debilitating injury. Causes severe back pain and shooting pains down the leg.


  • Stress: People will tell you to try and relax. Yeah right, if you could relax you wouldn’t have the problem.
    Medication doesn’t work, well it may for a short while, but it won’t last as stress is a mental problem that manifests itself as a physiological problem. Having a massage, listen to soothing music, using a warming wrap will help loosen up the muscles and relieve the symptoms, but won’t cure the problem.
  • Sports: Pain medications. Heat Packs or Cooling Packs
  • Heavy lifting: Pain medications. Heat Packs or Cooling Packs. Prevention is better than the cure – Use a back brace. Lift with your legs, not your back.
  • Repetitive: Pain medications. Heat Packs or Cooling Packs. CTS surgery may be required in some cases.
  • Sitting: Don’t sit in one place for more than 30 minutes. Try standing and working, move around, even if it’s just to get coffee. An ergonomically designed chair and desk can help.
  • Health: Warming pads relieve some of the symptoms and provide comfort.

Invertion: Can relieve back pain caused by vertebrae misalignment and disk problems. Not a cure, but used regularly, it can provide some relief.
Chiro: A good chiropractor can help back pain caused by musculoskeletal misalignments. However, it is not a one-and-done cure. It may take several visits.
Surgery: When all else fails surgery may be necessary. Many new and innovative techniques are now available including laser therapy, and disk fusion.

Medication: For mild muscle aches over the counter medications will usually work. Patches, sprays, and acetaminophen. BEWARE, however, of stronger pain medications, usually prescribed by a doctor as many of these drugs have adverse side effects like NSAIDs. Many others are COCAINE based and are highly addictive. Read this article:

NOTE: The above is only the opinion of the author and was written without prejudice. Please consult a qualified medical practitioner for a diagnosis of your ailments.

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