Beautiful Hand-made Pottery and Ceramic

Ceramic Cheese Dish

Patrick Magny is a well-known ceramic artist from Quebec. His work is superb. You can’t help but love his beautiful hand-made and painted ceramic cheese dish. It is a favourite of mine; it is so beautiful, colourful and something everyone would love to own. It’s perfect for a cheese and wine or dinner party. It is a real conversation piece. I have one so I’m talking from experience. I use mine mainly for cheese but sometimes I also use the plate for cookies or a small cake when I have friends over for tea. One can use it for anything one chooses despite the fact that the lid has “Formaggio” painted on the side. I doubt that anyone would notice or care as the dish is truly magnificent. Can you tell I really love this cheese dish? Others do too so don’t wait. Have a look at our website and you’ll see why. Treat yourself or buy one for someone special. The Holidays are around the corner.

Patrick’s olive oil dispenser, beautiful French butter dish and very special honey pot with wooden drizzler are some smaller gift ideas. The spoon rest is always one of my favourite gifts. Everyone needs a spoon rest, especially with Patrick’s Classic Italian style painting.

Have you ever used a creamer? I hadn’t used one before I saw these. I couldn’t resist them. They look like milk cartons but are a whole lot more attractive. Perfect for use at a tea party. These are hand-painted by Caroline Bousquet. Caroline has also painted some really unique coffee mugs.

I could go on forever but I’ll leave it to you to take a look at our Site and make your choice. Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

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