Polymer Clay Gifts

Euro Style Pen - Polymer Clay Gifts

Wanda Shum Polymer Clay Art

British Columbia’s Wanda Shum works with polymer clay to craft unique, unforgettable visions. One-of-a-kind Canadian works of art make the perfect gifts for men and women that shape the course of your life.

Gifts for her include exquisite Feather Earrings that are handcrafted and therefore speak to her special place in your heart. Wanda works with the Millefiori technique where strips and shapes of polymer are shaped into canes that are then subsequently cut to reveal wonderful colours and patterns. Her delightful earrings come in bright beautiful colours and are truly one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art.

The flexibility of the Millefiori technique and polymer material is also apparent in the Perfume Applicator that Wanda has created. Making a personal statement is easy with this colourful item that is perfect for a number of occasions. The streamlined design slips effortlessly into a purse replacing those cumbersome bottles. Each and every one of these is crafted by hand so no two are the same.

This talented Canadian artist hasn’t forgotten the other half of the population either and has some gifts for men that are certain to make lasting impressions. The Polymer Clay Euro-style Pen is an excellent addition to his home office or inside the pocket of his business jacket. Making any working environment more relaxed and cheerful, this pen showcases Wanda Shum’s excellent command of the beautiful and stunning Millefiori technique that uses modelling clay similar to PVC.

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