A Plush Happy Horse Toy Always Brings a Smile To a Little Face

Happy Horse Toys

When you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas that are sure to be big hits with the little ones, come complete with CE safety certification and can be washed and dried, the name Happy Horse is a fitting moniker for this wonderful line of plush toys featured by our gift shop.

Happy Horse has a veritable zoo of friendly faces that make for great companions for the smaller set on any Christmas list includes dinosaurs, dragons and, of course, that ultra-soft pink fabric four legged buddy that started it all for the company, Anky Horse. You can pick from quite a collection here that includes the likes of a great soft range of puppies, monkeys, elephants, lions and, because we are after all a Canadian online gift shop, a luxury plush toy moose that meets the highest European safety standards and bears the genuine CE-logo.

We’ve even got some adorable baby rattles to choose from and at least one offering that plays a soothing melody when you pull his tail, gently. We supply a bounty of great Christmas Gifts and even add to the convenience of our online gift shop by providing gift wrapping and shipping services.

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