Pet Gifts for the Holidays

Who has a pet and doesn’t want to shower him or her with gifts? I buy our puppy more gifts than I buy myself and that’s saying something. We have the cutest toys for cats and dogs.

It’s nearly Christmas. Buy your pet a whole lot of gifts now. If you don’t have a pet I’m sure someone you know does. The toys are just the right size for stocking stuffers and are inexpensive. A few suggestions … A glitzy pink bone charm or a gorgeous pink heart and key charm for those pretty canine girls. For the cute canine boys, we have the bone charm in blue. Make your dog(s) look and feel terrific for the holidays. Of course our pets can’t tell us but we just know they would really like an additional gift. Something to chew instead of the furniture and carpets. We have gift packs for cats or dogs. The dog gift packs are for small to medium breeds. They are super and so colourful and will keep your pet busy for hours. The cat gift packs are adorable too. Get your camera out before you give him or her this pack. Your pet will thank you a million times over for the gifts. Lick lick lick … I guarantee it. Cats love the Green Magic – Catnip Dynamite toy. Take a look at our website for all our other exciting pet toys. Meeow … Woof woof … Thanks for the lovely gifts!!!

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