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Innovative and Fun Products From Monkey Business Design

Unleashing Creativity Through Quirky Design

In the realm of design, where creativity knows no bounds, Israeli design company Monkey Business stands out as a beacon of innovation and whimsy. Since its inception, Monkey Business Design has captured hearts and minds around the world with its delightful and functional products that inject a dose of playfulness into everyday life. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Monkey Business and some of their most amazing products that have earned them a devoted following.

A Playful Approach to Design

Founded in 1994 by industrial designer Oded Friedland and graphic designer Eyal Burstein, Monkey Business was born out of a shared passion for merging functionality with humour and imagination. With a mission to “add the extra to the ordinary,” the company set out to infuse everyday objects with a sense of joy and wonder.

At the heart of Monkey Business’ philosophy is the belief that design should be fun and accessible to all. Whether it’s a kitchen gadget, office accessory, or home decor item, each product is imbued with a playful spirit that invites users to interact and engage with their environment in new and unexpected ways.

Examples of Their Amazing Products

    1. Hike Mike: Hike Mike is a herb and spice infuser for soups and stews. Put all your whole herbs and spices in the mesh container, place it in your soup or stew and let Mike “climb” on the outside of the pot. When your food is done let Mike help you lift the mesh container out. All the flavour without fishing around for bits and pieces of spice.
    2. Houg Doug: Never let that spoon make a mess on your stove or fall into your pot. Let this cute little guy take care of that.
    3. Lid Sid: Don’t let your pot boil over again. Sid drapes himself over the lip of your pot, which leaves a little gap for the steam to escape.
    4. Ravioli Spoon Rest: This product could be a silicone spoon rest designed in the shape of a giant ravioli, complete with textured details resembling pasta dough and a filling. It would provide a convenient and charming way to keep kitchen counters clean while cooking.
    5. Egg 51: Egg 51 is an egg holder designed to resemble a flying saucer. A novel way to hold your hard or soft-boiled eggs.
    6. Pasta Grande: Pasta Grande is a whole set of silicone kitchen tools, all with a pasta theme. The set includes a Ravioli Spoon Rest, Penne shaped Garlic Peeler, Two Farfalloni Pot Grips and 3 Mafaldine shaped Kitchen Bands. Makes a wonderful gift idea for a housewarming.
    7. Umbrella Tea Infuser: Who says making tea can’t be fun? Monkey Business’ Umbrella Tea Infuser adds a whimsical twist to tea time, with a charming design that resembles a miniature umbrella. Simply fill the umbrella with your favourite loose-leaf tea, place it in your cup, and let it steep while you relax and enjoy.
    8. Zipmark Bookmark: Tired of losing your place in your favourite book? Say goodbye to dog-eared pages with Monkey Business’ Zipmark Bookmark. Shaped like a zipper, this clever bookmark attaches securely to the page, ensuring that you never lose your spot again. Plus, its eye-catching design is sure to spark conversations wherever you go.
    9. Croc Pencil Case: Make a statement with the Croc Pencil Case, a quirky yet practical accessory for storing your pens, pencils, and other writing essentials. Shaped like a crocodile with a zipper mouth, this playful pencil case adds a touch of whimsy to your desk while keeping your supplies organized and within reach.
    10. Nessie Ladle: Bring a touch of Loch Ness charm to your kitchen with the Nessie Ladle, inspired by the legendary Loch Ness Monster. This adorable kitchen gadget is perfect for serving soups, stews, and sauces, and its long neck and cute face make it a fun conversation starter at dinner parties and gatherings.
    11. And much more ……

Spreading Joy, One Design at a Time

What sets Monkey Business Design apart is not just their innovative products, but also their commitment to spreading joy and creativity to people around the world. From their headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel, the Monkey Business team continues to dream up new and exciting designs that add a playful touch to everyday life.

Whether you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your kitchen, inject some personality into your workspace, or simply delight a friend with a thoughtful gift, Monkey Business has something for everyone. With their imaginative approach to design and unwavering dedication to fun, Monkey Business reminds us all to embrace our playful side and find joy in the little things.

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