Men’s Grooming Trends

Men’s Grooming Is The Biggest Trend of 2021

If you’ve grown up thinking that grooming is a women’s activity only, we’d like to take this time to show you why you might need to step into this new era. The idea that grooming is something only women can benefit from is no longer applicable. From subscription shaving kits to moisturizers with chemical exfoliants, the self-care industry is opening its doors up for everyone – now more than ever.

But don’t worry if you’re not the kind of person to own anything other than one bar of soap. Thankfully for you, we’re not talking about a 15-step skincare routine here. When it comes to grooming like a man, less tends to be more.

Why Grooming Matters

Let’s start with the basics here. If you look good, you tend to feel good. And, if you feel good you’re more likely to accomplish more. It’s simple psychology: if you’re confident about your appearance, people tend to trust you more. This is not to say that you need to look a certain way, but feeling a certain way is one of the most understated self-confidence skills you can have in your arsenal. It also probably doesn’t hurt to get compliments from friends and family around you, admiring that precise shave you got with your new grooming kit.

Men’s Grooming Is Blowing Up

The pandemic brought with it a lot of changes in the way people see themselves, and how they present themselves to others. While what you wear might not be so important anymore if your coworkers on Zoom can only see your top half, personal grooming has seen an explosion of interest around it. It makes sense too. More time at home to experiment, and if you accidentally go too far trimming that handlebar moustache? Well, there’s only your dog to see it.

On top of that, the quarantine aspect of the pandemic has forced people to turn to themselves when it comes to grooming. Without the chance to hit the barbershop for a cut or trim, there’s been no other option than to do it at home. The need to look up hair trimmers and clippers has organically guided men into other areas of self-grooming that they might not have been familiar with before.

It’s also worth factoring in the social wave we’re currently on where the rules of what was allowed for a man and a woman are changing. Before, some guys might have not been caught dead with anything more than a nail clipper. But now, it’s not so strange to see a guy filing his nails down and moisturizing his cuticles. And there are numbers to back this up. A recent internal beauty market report stated that the men’s skincare market share is currently sitting at US$183 billion as of 2020, and is estimated to grow to around US$183.2 billion by the time 2027 comes around.

Add These Tips To Your Routine

If the information above piqued your interest, you might be looking for ways to kick-start your feel-good journey. We compiled four tips to get your new grooming routine started on the right foot.

  • Two-in-one is not the way to go. This is important info, so you’ll want to pay attention here. Don’t use the same soap you use on your body to wash your hair too.
    We know it’s easy and quick, and that you’ve been doing it since high school, but each product does something different. They are also formulated differently and use different ingredients. Getting an actual shampoo and conditioner separate from your body wash will work wonders on your hair and skin.
  • Keep your nails clean. When thinking of manicures the idea of sparkly long nails shouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind. Keeping your nails clean, short, and moisturized is just as important as washing your teeth. Dirt showing under nails that are way too long isn’t a great look on anyone.
  • If it goes on your body, it doesn’t go on your face. Similar to the first point we made here about two-in-one products, you need one thing for your face and another for your body. A face wash made for your skin type (did you know you can have dry, oily, and even acne-prone skin?) will make you feel fresh and clean every morning. The skin on your face is the most sensitive and thin you have. Body products for your face tend to be too strong. Don’t forget to also wash at night! Removing all the dirt and sweat from a hard day at work will also help keep you feeling good.
  • Upkeep that beard. Beards are a great look and the pride and joy of most men out there. But keeping them tidy, trimmed, and clean will make you look presentable and professional. There are even one-stop-shop kits you can buy that set you up with soap, oil, and balms so you can style it to perfection.

Buying Men’s Grooming Products as Gifts

Don’t be scared – High-quality shave, beard, face or body products make perfect gifts for men. Buy scents like Sandalwood, Cedar, Citrus(bergamot, lime, lemon) and even Lavender and you can’t go wrong.


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