Amazing Lulujo Baby Gifts

Lulujo Childhood Blankets

Lulujo creates amazing baby gifts that are durable, stylish and environmentally-friendly

Buying Canadian has become a priority for environmentally-conscious parents and who better to sell an impressive line of unique gifts including organic cotton facecloths and muslin cotton swaddling blankets than a mother who has built the company from the ground up?

With products designed, tested and used personally, Lulujo only uses materials like 100% muslin cotton that allows a baby’s temperature to regulate and has the ability to stretch to supply a comfortable swaddle. Muslin is the high quality choice for parents looking for that often elusive blend of durability that holds up extremely well to machine washing and softness to soothe and comfort babies in their sleep.

Another excellent consideration is the stylish aspect of the complete line of Lulujo baby gifts. A prime example is the heavy weight Childhood Blanket that comes in beautiful patterns for boys and girls.

When you’re looking for high quality baby gifts that are stylish, green and above all designed to keep baby safe and secure, lulujo is the grassroots firm that calls Canada home.

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