Bling Traveller Jewellery Organizer

Bling Traveller Jewellery Organizer by RubysCloset

The Bling Traveller jewellery organizer is a really cool gift to give to someone or to buy for yourself. It is so useful. I have two of them, one flora and one leopard. I’m thinking of getting the demask one too. I store my jewellery in the flora one. At least I don’t have to scratch around for my jewellery in the mornings anymore and it doesn’t tarnish or get broken. The pockets are transparent so one can see exactly where everything is. Also, I used to spend 10 precious minutes every morning ‘detangling’ my necklaces which I don’t do now. All in all this is an awesome product. I have been using the leopard one to store my extra eye shadows, eye pencils, make-up brushes, etc. etc… There are no hard and fast rules as to what you can store in your Bling Traveller. Use your discretion. I don’t store any liquid foundation or liquid eye shadow or lipstain in it. I’d hate anything to leak all over it and spoil it. It is such a pretty carry-all. It is reasonably priced and looks way more expensive than it is.

I love it and so will you!

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