Janod Offers Gift Ideas from France

Janod Magneti-Book

Buying unique gifts for children can be difficult, especially those that captivate and educate at the same time. As far as well thought out designs lending themselves to hours of enjoyment, the development of motor skills and learning the alphabet, the French company Janod is a fine and welcome addition to our practical and stylish kid’s gifts lineup.

Their Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle will stir interest in all ages when it arrives in a gorgeous hat box complete with an elegant carrying handle. The puzzle comes with animals riding along in each lettered car and is almost 10 feet long when all the 27 pieces are assembled. Each piece is constructed of thick, specially made cardboard with letters of the alphabet clearly imprinted on them. It’s perfect for children three to six years old.

The wonderful Janod Magnetibook Vehicles toy is a great companion to the floor puzzle and comes in its own stylish and attractive Magnetibook case that looks like a book but carries all the vehicle creator templates and parts. Children from three to eight years will spend hours building vehicles while developing their motor skills with this great gift that also boosts creativity.

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