A History of Tea You Can Contemplate Over a Cup

Rubber Duck Tea Infuser

We all know there’s really nothing more relaxing than a cup of tea and when you take the time to enjoy your favourite blend like Canadian Icewine Tea that’s made with real icewine, we thought you might be interested in reading a little something about the history of tea, everyone’s favorite drink.

All the tea in China as the saying goes and with good reason since that’s where historians have the drink originating as far back as 2737 BC with the Chinese emperor Shen Nung who accidentally discovered what the British would later lay claim to after a leaf blew into some drinking water that was being boiled.

Of course we’re not implying there’s a straight historical line to Chinese royalty. Still, whose to say that Shen Nung might not have enjoyed our floating Rubber Duck Tea Infuser to keep those stray leaves out of his “cuppa”.

It’s always interesting to muse on the fact that tea took several routes to get to Great Britain and historical records mention it making the first inroads into Europe in the latter half of the sixteenth century.

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