Six Reasons Why Gift Giving Is Good

Gift Giving Feels Good

It’s better to give than receive. Those smart spiritual words penned long ago are just as relevant today. Even though they are attributed to Jesus who was probably instructing followers to give gifts differently, we can follow through in modern times by turning on our computers and clicking the mouse.
That said, here are six reasons why gift giving should make you happy.

Giving Cements Relationships

Got a good friend that you haven’t seen for a while? Just had a spat with a brother or sister and want to make things right? Presenting them with some kind of gift gives you a chance to smooth things over and rekindle your relationship.
Presenting someone you have broken ties with or have been neglecting for a while, with a gift, will fix that bond and make it stronger.

It’s a Great Way to Network

Okay, so this isn’t one of the more spiritual reasons on the list, but it still applies. Giving a gift to clients or a business partner is a good way to tell them you’re looking to understand their needs. Business is about business but it’s also about people. This is a good way to show you understand that.

It Makes You Feel Good

One of the other great reasons why it’s good to give something to someone is selfish. While that’s not exactly the suggestion behind research that tells us gift giving makes you happy, it’s a good consequence nevertheless.
If you’re feeling a little down in the dumps and need something to pick you up, giving something away is a great way to boost your spirits.

Gift Giving Makes You Healthier

There’s been a surprising amount of interesting data collected about gift giving and its benefits to people. It might even be one of the only areas where science and spirituality can agree. That’s because there is research stating clearly that giving to other people can help those with serious illnesses.
There is even stronger evidence that giving your time and not necessarily a physical gift can help you as you get older.

Giving Boosts Cooperation

Every human being needs to feel connected to other people. That’s how we form communities and networks that help to strengthen and build the whole human family. Cooperation and trust are bolstered by people who give to others.
Being generous to other people has been proven to build positive opinions around everyone involved. It’s all about making your community stronger and people happier in the long run.

Giving Promotes Gratitude

As you’ve probably already guessed, gratitude is good for your spiritual and physical health. Not only that, gratitude for a gift amplifies social bonds and ties to the community.

Finally, there’s even some data out there that says giving is contagious. Its positive effects ripple through and have consequences far beyond the person you’ve helped. In short, altruism spreads. So whether you’re donating money, giving of your time or giving away some physical gifts, you’re doing the whole world a lot of good when you give.

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