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Forgive us for being a little nervous, as this is the first entry in our blog. “What A Jewel” started off as a high quality fashion jewellery store, but over the last 5 years we have expanded to include a full range of gift items, including a large baby boutique as well as a children’s boutique, etc.  We try not to compete with the large department and discount stores, most of our products can only be found in small boutiques and we only keep the highest quality items. While we do have sales and discounts from time to time, we are not a discount store as the majority of our products are not mass-produced.

We are going to share some great products with you, as well as more information on the people and companies that make them. We will give you tips and ideas for gifts, how and where to shop online, shopping do’s and don’ts and everything shopping and gift related.

Being Canadian, we will of course try hard to find great “Made in Canada” products and write about them, as well as our incredible European and Australian goods.

We would love your input – Got any ideas, Changes, Comments? Please share them with us.

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