Find Your Keys with Finders Key Purse (Finders Keepers)

Finders Key Purse

Have you ever tried to find your keys on the spur of the moment and they are nowhere to be found. This was the story of my life. It used to happen to me regularly just as I was leaving home and rushing as I hadn’t left enough time to get to an appointment. Invariably I found the keys somewhere at the bottom of my purse and then had to rush like crazy and finally arrived at my destination absolutely stressed out and red in the face.

If this sounds like you, you definitely need a Finders Key Purse. I never leave the house without it. There are so many pretty, colourful and chic designs to choose from. The Finders Key Purse is simple to use; just take your bunch of keys and attach it to the key finder with the lobster claw clip.  Your keys will hang safely on the inside of your purse with the design showing on the outside and making a fashion statement.

The key finders are so popular, people buy many at a time and give them as gifts. They are ideal as gifts for groups of friends, co-workers and clients. Some new designs are now in stock. The new Angel design would make a perfect Christmas Gift or stocking stuffer, the Prince Charming frog is cute but there is no guarantee he will turn into a prince. The Peace Sign and Lips is Lips are two brightly coloured designs which definitely would catch the eye.

The price is right too.

The KEY thing is to keep your keys in a safe place but always know where to find them!!!!!!


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