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Fall Giveaway

Fall Giveaway
October 29, 2018 Graeme
Fall Giveaway

This is our last giveaway of the year. We have put together some great products for the fall and winter season.

One lucky entrant will win:

Approximate Retail Value(ARV) CA$92

Must be 18+ to enter
Open to Canada(excluding Quebec) and the Continental USA

To enter use the form below.

Fall Giveaway 2018

Comments (131)

  1. Janet Price 2 weeks ago

    My deciding factor for purchasing online is how it looks and the cost.

  2. donna porter 2 weeks ago

    I would love to gift my hubby the Barefoot Venus Foot Balm for Christmas.

  3. Carole 2 weeks ago

    The Barefoot Venus Foot Balm would make the perfect gift! The most important deciding factor when purchasing online for me is the shipping cost.

  4. Mary Songer 2 weeks ago

    I think I would most likely shop in your baby department since a relative of mine is expecting. I like Zig the Tiger and Kaloo Perle the Rabbit a lot.

  5. Donna L. 2 weeks ago

    Price is the most important factor in determining if I will buy online. I buy if it is cheaper than in the physical stores.

  6. Sue Boyer 2 weeks ago

    The deciding factor between the different online shopping sites would be the cost of shipping. Sometimes the shipping charges add up to more than the product

  7. Christy Peeples DuBois 2 weeks ago

    The most important deciding factor when I am shopping on line for Christmas gifts is the return policy. If the item can’t be returned for a refund then I do not ship there.

  8. kelly tupick 2 weeks ago

    When purchasing online it try to look for the best price for the quality of product.

  9. Kristy 2 weeks ago

    Shipping costs is one of the most important factors for me when buying on line.

  10. Edita Negre 2 weeks ago

    Looking for the best price and free shipping.

  11. Julie F 2 weeks ago

    The most important deciding factor when purchasing online for me is the shipping cost!

  12. wendy hutton 2 weeks ago

    What is the most important deciding factor when purchasing online? for me its 2 things the price and delivery options

  13. Nora Ragheb 2 weeks ago

    the most important deciding factor when purchasing online is Estimated Arrival time.

  14. Judy Bradley 2 weeks ago

    When ordering online, I worry about quality of product, cost of shipping, and safety in paying online.

  15. Margo Stretch 2 weeks ago

    I’ve previously ordered the Warm Buddies products; I look at price, shipping costs, timeframe, and return policy, when ordering online.

  16. Lisa 2 weeks ago

    Quality of the products and price are my biggest factors when shopping online.

  17. Suzanne Girux 2 weeks ago

    When I am ordering online my concern are the price, the shipping options and the return policy.

  18. Mary 2 weeks ago

    The most important thing about shopping online is the availability of products I can’t find in stores.

  19. Wanda Tracey 2 weeks ago

    My deciding factors when shopping are the prices and the shipping and handling. I really like the Hummingbird purse for my daughter and the Butterfly earrings.

  20. Cal 2 weeks ago

    Probably the price and also the credibility of the site and reviews

  21. Christina moore 2 weeks ago

    My daughter would love the Barefoot Venus Foot Balm for Christmas.

  22. Theresa Sampson 2 weeks ago

    Really have no issue with ordering online. Sometimes wonder if the sites are secure though…

  23. Julie Waldron 2 weeks ago

    What is the most important deciding factor when purchasing online? The price(obviously), shipping cost and how long it takes to ship.

  24. Alisa Petrisch 2 weeks ago

    So gorgeous!

  25. Dana Moore 2 weeks ago

    price and shipping always guide my decisions online

  26. Leanne 2 weeks ago

    I love online shopping . The only deciding factor for me is the price and cost of shipping . I find a lot of things cheaper online .

  27. LILLIAN BROWN 2 weeks ago

    the most important deciding factor when purchasing online is the cost of the shipping and how long until I receive it

  28. Christine Holliday 2 weeks ago

    I would like one of those 3 LED Headlamps for myself…hehe… The only thing I don’t like about shopping online are the shipping costs.

  29. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard 2 weeks ago

    I love the Butterfly Earrings – Mauve for christmas for my mother

  30. GiftGiver 2 weeks ago

    I would buy this LED glow flashlight (

    I’m not scared to purchase online, but I hope the site is using SSL, and is using a trusted third-party payment processor. I also hope their shipping is not too expensive, and that they can serve PO boxes.

    • Author
      Graeme 2 weeks ago

      We use SSL and use a well known payment processor. We have special rate shipping with Canada Post and ship to P.O. Boxes.

  31. Samuel 2 weeks ago

    I would love a chance to gift this to my wife.

  32. michelle tremblett 2 weeks ago

    I would purchase the hand repair cream, I don’t shop online as often as I would like due to there being so many scams out there and complicated return policies. Price is always a deciding factor for me.

  33. Madison 2 weeks ago

    Great giveaway

  34. Belinda Medeiros-Felix 2 weeks ago

    Deciding factor would be return- shipping policy

  35. Kim Tanti 2 weeks ago

    I would love the Fixie Pizza cutter. I hesitate to purchase on line due to the fact I had someone using my credit card from an online purchase. I would use on line purchase now through pay pal if the company has a unique item I could not find in a store.

  36. Krista Embertson 2 weeks ago

    Men’s Grooming Set is what I would buy <3 my son would love it.

  37. Jennifer Wilson 2 weeks ago

    One of the most deceiving factors when purchasing online is if shipping is free.

  38. Cindy M 2 weeks ago

    The deciding factor on making a purchase is the value and price.

  39. Patrick Voo 2 weeks ago

    When purchasing online I’m often wary of issues with regard to returns. Thanks for hosting this contest!

  40. thomas rusinak 2 weeks ago

    A factor in ordering on line is what options do I have if the purchase is not what I ordered, if there is something wrong with it or it was overpriced!!!

  41. DeniseH 2 weeks ago

    I like to see with my own eyes, touch and smell that’s why I don’t like online shopping.

  42. Jessica W. 2 weeks ago

    The most deciding factor in purchasing online is cost and shipping.

  43. Barrie 2 weeks ago

    I love the Fixie Pizza Cutter. It’s cute and an inventive way to cut pizza!

  44. tiffany dayton 2 weeks ago

    I like the bear mittens. I purchase online.Easier if you do not have the time.

    • Author
      Graeme 2 weeks ago

      Finally!!! Someone who gets it 🙂 Everybody complains about the shipping, but they don’t realize how much time it takes go to a mall and how much it costs them to get there.

  45. GAIL WHITWORTH 2 weeks ago


  46. Liz Kilcher 2 weeks ago

    love the bear mittens, i like free shipping

  47. tan 2 weeks ago

    i would purchase the barefoot dry body oil

  48. Scarlet 2 weeks ago

    My most important factor when purchasing online is reviews. I like to read what others like ( or dislike) about new products.

  49. Wanda Tracey 2 weeks ago

    The most important deciding factor when purchasing online are the price and the delivery costs of my purchases.

  50. Gloria Webber 2 weeks ago

    I always consider the shipping fees when ordering online

  51. marymarymary 2 weeks ago

    i have never bought yet online since i’m afraid my credit card info will be stolen

  52. Rose Hately 2 weeks ago

    The Made in Canada butterfly earrings on the website are beautiful! And the unique zipper pulls!

  53. Nena Sinclair 2 weeks ago

    For me, the deciding factors are price, cost of delivery, how long will it take to arrive. My only fear of purchasing online is identity theft/payment theft. I would love to purchase to adorable paw print mittens for my little grandson, they’re adorable!

    • Author
      Graeme 2 weeks ago

      Choose PayPal payment on checkout if you are scared. You don’t need to have a PayPal account.

  54. JJ 2 weeks ago

    Bear mittens would keep my cold hands warm!

  55. Robert Torres 2 weeks ago

    Quality and dependability are key factors I look for when shopping online.

  56. belinda bell 2 weeks ago

    The hummingbird purse would be so great for my granddaughter. It is so cute

  57. Marcus Walker 2 weeks ago

    I wil if the site is secure

  58. Sam 2 weeks ago

    Deciding factors when I shop are pretty much the best deal for what you are getting, not necessarily always the cheapest one and not all ways thee best of the best quality, but the best for the price.

  59. Sandy Santos 2 weeks ago

    The snow is coming. Winter is coming.

  60. Nancy P 2 weeks ago

    Price is important but free shipping is what I look for.

  61. Andra 2 weeks ago

    I would love o win the scarf, mitts etc prize pack. Pick me. Lol

  62. Paula Pennachio 2 weeks ago

    I might purchase the hand cream. I love shopping online much faster and easier

  63. Lynn M 2 weeks ago

    My deciding factor is whether or not the item is available within a reasonable driving distance (for a decent price). If I cannot find it, or it is significantly less expensive on-line, I will order it. (However, I am still nervous about ordering on-line as my credit card has been compromised in the past.)

  64. liz g 2 weeks ago

    Love that scarf!!!!

  65. Suzanne Stewart 2 weeks ago

    For me the deciding factor when shopping online is the price and return policy.

  66. Michele Esperum 2 weeks ago

    What fun items! They would certainly make the upcoming season of cold much more “bearable”.

  67. Danny G 2 weeks ago

    whether it has free shipping

  68. charlotte west 2 weeks ago

    For me it is also price and the need for the item.

  69. charlotte west 2 weeks ago

    Why I hate commenting on these sites is because it is always telling me duplicate entry, when I have not even commented yet!

  70. Michelle L 2 weeks ago

    I would purchase the Bubble Bath Gift Set, for my daughters. Free shipping is an important factor to me when it comes to online shopping.

  71. Alex Montana 2 weeks ago

    Price and uniqueness are the deciding factors. BTW LOVE the scarf!

  72. lisa lawton 1 week ago

    I love shopping online but I don’t like high shipping fees or return fees.

  73. Lynda 1 week ago

    So adorable! Would love to win!

  74. Jodi Hudson 1 week ago

    I dont mind purchasing online.

  75. Amanda Wilson 1 week ago

    Love this

  76. Beverly tourtellotte 1 week ago

    Prices, product Presentation. Repetibule

  77. Amanda Holloway 1 week ago

    I love everything on the site I think I would like to get the sleep therapy kit for myself as a mother of three with a full time job and going to school I need all the help I can get with sleep.

  78. Lynn Crystal 1 week ago

    Would love to win..plz lord give me luck once lo)l

  79. Colleen wallace 1 week ago

    Love shopping online, except for clothes you never know how they will fit

  80. Amber 1 week ago

    I would so gift the foot balm for a stocking stuffer!

  81. simada 1 week ago

    Cost would be the main deciding factor for me.

  82. jlprin 1 week ago

    I would get the sign that says chocolate makes my clothes shrink as gifts for a couple people I know that would think it was funny

  83. Nichole 1 week ago

    I Worry about safety of purchasing online

  84. Vonne 1 week ago

    Deciding factor when purchasing online, is a good reputable site, with good prices and great reviews.

  85. Carol LuBien 1 week ago

    I would choose the bear paw mittens. I often buy online and am influenced by reviews.

  86. Jennifer D Raska 1 week ago

    I absolutely love the bear mittens and these i would def buy!

  87. Gina OMarrow 1 week ago

    I would buy the Pudus slipper socks. They look really soft and cozy. They would make great gifts. I’m not afraid to purchase online. The most important factor when ordering online is shipping cost.

  88. Jennfer Belanger 1 week ago

    Good luck to all

  89. Pamela K Gard 1 week ago

    Would be perfect for me for a Christmas surprise. Dont have much money so this would be fantastic!

  90. Pamela K Gard 1 week ago

    Love shopping online. So many Fall prizes but I love this giveaway. its stylish and warm with Fall colors. perfect

  91. Jean Dannaker 1 week ago

    I am scared to buy products online. Afraid they will be different when you receive it.

  92. Elaine Arnold 1 week ago

    My deciding factor for buying online is reading product reviews.

  93. Brandi Green 1 week ago

    My deciding factor on shopping online is the price and how long it takes to ship.

  94. Young M 1 week ago

    One of the first things I look for when shopping online is the rating and reviews. (:

  95. latanya 1 week ago

    shipping costs

  96. Lisa campion 1 week ago

    I would love to win these , they look very warm and snuggly . Also I have terrible rough, dry, cracked hands and these would help

  97. Lucy Callero 1 week ago

    I like all the products mentioned, but in really interested in the bear gloves.
    I do shop online—no problem for me.

  98. Karen Mitchell 1 week ago

    I think I would buy your Gift Pack for Cats because I have a few friends who rescue cats, and its a cute pack at a great price!

  99. Karin T 1 week ago

    My deciding factors for purchasing online are the reputation of the store, pricing, and the return policy.

  100. Tammy Wilhide 1 week ago

    This is a nice giveaway. I love all these products.

  101. Kristen 1 week ago

    These are super adorable!

  102. Christina Wahrmund 1 week ago

    I would get the scarf made in the United Kingdom. How awesome would that be.

  103. marilyn orsini nuovo 1 week ago

    shipping cost quality and returns

  104. Janet M 1 week ago

    I really like the Gingerly Fruit Butter Bath Mixture. I don’t mind shopping online but what often holds me back is the shipping charges. They are often too high.

  105. Martine Gibbs 1 week ago

    I would buy the foot balm. I’m always on my feet!

  106. Toby 7 days ago

    When purchasing online, you want to make sure it’s a reputable company.

  107. Diana Corlett 7 days ago

    I purchase online if I find an interesting and unusual product that would be perfect as a gift for some I love, but the deciding factor is the amount for shipping.

  108. Cheryl Everitt 6 days ago

    Out Of My Mind is a gift I would purchase for me!

  109. Patricia Cameron 6 days ago

    would love some warm mittens thank you

  110. Abby 5 days ago

    Wow! This would be amazing to win!

  111. Dana Rodriguez 5 days ago

    I actually prefer shopping online. Our grandson would love the Warm Buddy Kitten.

  112. Silvia D 5 days ago

    the most important deciding factor when purchasing online is prices of delivery mostly, I really love shopping online

  113. Tammy Sherboneau 5 days ago

    What a amazing contest! Would be a real nice surprise to win this!! Winters are cold here on the island, this would be sure to keep you toasty warm!!

  114. Elaine R 5 days ago

    I worry to buy online that my credit card info could be stolen.

    • Author
      Graeme 5 days ago

      If you are scared, pay with PayPal. As long as the URL at checkout starts with https, the site has SSL encryption. All payments go through the same computer systems, even when you pay at a regular store. (it’s no safer)

  115. LUCILLE ROY 4 days ago


  116. maria gentry 3 days ago

    My deciding factor is whether or not I can purchase ONLY online 🙂

  117. Lindsay Shirkey 3 days ago

    My deciding factor for online is online reviews.

  118. Heather Tobin 3 days ago

    My deciding factor for purchasing online is shipping costs

  119. Sherri 3 days ago

    My deciding factor for what to purchase is price and is that product worth the price

  120. Sandra Watts 2 days ago

    I want those awesome bear mittens! They look so very warm!

  121. Rosanne 1 day ago

    I would purchase the Baby Einstein piano. I’m not afraid to order online I do it all the time.

    • Author
      Graeme 1 day ago

      🙂 You are in the minority

  122. Debra Branigan 21 hours ago

    Which product/s on would you purchase for Christmas?​
    I am actually looking at some of your craft kits for my granddaughter. She loves artistic projects.

  123. Mary Gardner 21 hours ago

    I am not afraid to purchase online and do it fairly often but I do have concerns about quality of items and take into consideration the shipping cost. So as long as shipping is not outrageous and the company has a reasonable return policy I have no issues with ordering.

  124. Darren Scrubb 20 hours ago

    I would purchase a Handcrafted Euro style Pen.

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