Boost Your Child’s Creative Imagination

Artburn Dream Big Pillowcase

Artburn t-shirts and pillowcase painting kits are unique gifts, fostering all-important creativity and imagination.

It’s great when you have a Christmas gift that brings a smile to children’s faces and even better when you can smile yourself because what you’ve bought is actually good for them.

If you consider well rounded parenting includes fostering creativity, you’ll be interested to know that our Artburn t-shirt painting kits fit the bill perfectly for the Yuletide or any other season. Experts all agree that art is a great way to both inspire your children while at the same time allowing children to have fun painting and then wearing their very own creations.

It’s generally accepted that a child’s drawings are their first attempts at communication with the outside world and asking them to describe what’s in the picture is a perfect way to start a conversation to further develop their language skills.

Of course, quality and convenience are never compromised at our online gift shop. The premium quality cotton t-shirts and 100% cotton pillowcases are durable and comfortable and the paints are non toxic, water based and specially designed to hold their colours and become family heirlooms to be enjoyed for years.

By purchasing these gifts you will be supporting a local small business as Artburn t-shirt and pillowcase kits are made in Canada so you can also be assured of their quality and safety.

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