Heat Guard Cooling Bandana

Heat Guard Cooling Tie

With global warming comes scorching temperatures. A Heat Guard Cooling Bandana can help to cool you down naturally without refrigeration.

The cooling bandana contains crystals that can absorb up to 400x their weight in water. Just soak in water for 20-30 minutes, tamp off excess water and tie around your neck. The water will slowly be released, keeping you cool by the natural process of evaporation. 

Nobody will even know it’s a cooling tie. They look so good; they brighten up your outfit while keeping you cool. You and wear a different design every day. I have had several people stop me in the mall and remark on what a beautiful necktie I have and when I tell them it doubles as a cooling tie, it really piques their interest and they want one.

If you have no A/C at home, this is a must for you. Gardening, going for a walk, golfing, or sitting on a bench in the park or on the balcony, the cooling ties will make it a much more pleasant experience.

The cooling bandanas have been selling like hotcakes. Don’t wait, buy your fashionable Practical Design cooling tie and one for your pet as well.

The Heat Guard Cooling Bandana is made in Canada. They are also very reasonably priced.


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