Christmas Gift Ideas 2018

Christmas Gift Ideas 2018

Here are a few Christmas gift ideas for 2018

Give a Warm Buddy. This unique range of warming products is one of the best gifts anyone can receive. You can find a gift any member of the family, even your pet. The warming plush animals are great for kids of all ages and include a selection on very cute and ultra soft plush animals for babies that have embroidered eyes.
The spa products include warming wraps for necks, shoulders and body and are lightly scented with aromatherapy oils. They relieve stress, muscle aches and pains and a give a feeling of relaxation and well being. Complete the feeling with a sleep mask, eye pillow or even a pair of warming socks.
These outstanding products have been made in Canada for almost 20 years.

Tartan scarves that have been manufactured in the United Kingdom from the finest, super soft lambswool are useful gifts for men or women, especially at Christmas time.
Wool is a wonderful insulator and is used in the manufacture of the finest clothing especially coats. Lambswool is very soft and will not scratch or irritate.
A perfect gift for the cold, windy and snowy winter weather.

Luxurious, high quality bath and body products are always well received. Make sure the products you buy are unique and not the everyday products you find at the chain stores or pharmacies. Make sure the products do not have any parabens, propylene glycol, mineral oil or synthetic colours as these could be harmful.

Jewellery is another well received gift but can be a little trickier. If you know the person well, and know what they like it will make things easier. Younger women usually like brighter colours and are more open to new and different jewellery like polymer clay jewellery, not to say that more mature women wouldn’t like it too. Silver jewellery is always a favourite but make sure its real silver, as a lot of the cheap jewellery coming out of the east may not be.

Men are always difficult to buy gifts for. Buy something that a man will always use, like tools and gadgets, they are perennial favourites. A sports therapy wrap is always useful for an active man and even a not so active man. The soothing warmth melts away aches and pains and relaxes tense muscles.
Buy something for his “man cave” or bar.
Grooming products for face and beards.

Remember, if you want to be sure the gifts you are buying are of high quality and safe, always buy Canadian.

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