Candles for the Holiday Season

Candles for the holiday season

Giving Candles for the Holiday Season is always a sure bet. Who doesn’t like the flicker and warmth of a candle, especially one with the fragrance of the holidays like maple syrup, hot apple pie, cinnamon, pine and more. Here are a few examples of candles made right here in Canada.

Whitewater Premium Candle Co. – Everything is Eco-friendly

It’s always a special moment as an online gift shop when you find a supplier that has gone into business because they had a vision for a product and felt they were the only ones that could really make it happen. That’s just how the Whitewater Premium Candle Co. was founded back in 2007. The founders were looking for an all-natural candle for their retail boutique. It needed to be made in Canada and elegant as well as fragrant and after searching unsuccessfully for a company that could bring all these attributes together, they decided to go it on their own.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Signature fragrances are the calling card you get with each and every one of the items we carry. They come complete with replica enamelware containers so the product is both functional and beautiful at the same time, to say nothing of the creativity of items like the Hot Apple Pie Scented Candle that’s reminiscent of ground cinnamon and clove as well as baked apple and a touch of nutmeg.

It doesn’t matter which one you fancy; every fragrant product created by this Canadian success story is long-lasting fragrant and clean burning. Each has all the natural ingredients you’d expect from the pure soybean wax to the all-natural fibre wick that make each candle an experience onto itself.

Remember these are the eco-friendly option because each and every one of the candles we offer here at What A Jewel is made with nothing but biodegradable renewable resources so they represent a viable alternative to their petroleum-based counterparts.

We strive to bring our valued customers the most innovative and creative gifts. These Whitewater Candles are a perfect addition to the lineup.

Country Home Candles

High end candles with luxurious fragrances that remind you of their namesake. That’s just what you get when sorting through what we offer by way of crafts online from this Canadian supplier with an interesting backstory.

There are those of us who love to travel out to the country from time to time to let those city cobwebs clear out. Then there are people like Karen Northgraves who knew from the time spent on her Grandmother’s farm that nothing short of a life with wide open fields under a broad expanse of stars would do. Fast forward to several years later and the birth of Country Home Candle, a brand we are proud to carry since they all reflect Karen’s dedication to simple homespun values and the things that really matter in life. The Cottage Kitchen Candle comes with a single-wicked 8oz glass container with a Muskoka chair Rustico wood lid—all of which are a testament to the product’s hand poured soy wax blend inside.

Learning a little bit more about where these wonderful handmade gifts come from will only increase your enjoyment of them. Country Home Candle has a factory and distribution centre that’s located on five rustic acres in the heart of Norfolk County where the family has strong roots. We’ll bet that each and every one of the candles that still comes from there is redolent with Karen’s childhood memories of crickets chirping, fragrant flowers and the rich smells from her Grandmother’s country kitchen.


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