Why This Canadian Toy Maker Makes the Best Wooden Puzzles and Toys

Canadian Toy Maker - Lunenburg

The Toy Maker of Lunenburg‘s Toys and puzzles are made with solid wood and non-toxic stains and have the brand has built a strong reputation for high-quality products. Particularly good for discerning parents who consider price, quality, fun-to-play-with, environmental friendliness, safety, and educational value. The toys, games, and brainteasers made by the Canadian toy maker, inspire imagination and develop creative thinking skills. All the products are made from sustainable, locally sourced wood. The games and puzzles are made by hand and will last for many years.

The history of The Toy Maker of Lunenburg

In 1979, Kevin Vickers started a small business making hand-crafted children’s toys and games. Over the years he built a business with a strong reputation for high-quality products. His products were made with care. They had smooth rounded corners and certified non-toxic stains and finishes. The tradition of quality continues to this day in their games and toys, still using locally harvested wood from companies using sustainable wood practices.
In 2015, Ray Syvitski and Elke Uribe purchased the Toy Maker of Lunenburg business. The original owners trained them to use the same production and quality control techniques, ensuring a smooth transition and carrying on the tradition of making high-quality products that are made to last and be handed down to the next generation.

Why buy a Toy Maker of Lunenburg toy?

  • Toys range from simple wooden toys and puzzles to mind-numbing brain teasers.
  • There are a large variety of imaginative games and puzzles that you can play with your kids and grandkids.
  • Their products are suitable for kids of all ages.
  • They are a perfect Christmas gift for kids and parents who have young children.
  • The Toy Maker of Lunenburg toys and puzzles are made in Canada, they are made to last and are safe to play with.
  • Additionally, every toy in this line is handmade in a sustainable manner.

The wood used for the toys and puzzles

Wood is one of the best choices when making toys and puzzles because of its durability. Only high-quality Canadian maple, spruce, and fir woods are used to make the toys. Some products are made from solid wood while others that need more stability are made from plywood. The natural feel that wood has in the hand, just can’t be replaced by plastic.

Safety, Quality, and Fun

The Toy Maker of Lunenburg toys and puzzles are made by passionate, skilled craftspeople. All the corners are rounded, sanded, and smoothed, and quality non-toxic finishes are used.
The toys and puzzles provide hours of fun while educating and providing stimulation to the brain. Simple toys tend to be more fun and lead to more creative thinking than the new mind-deadening electronic games, they also last much longer and never go out of fashion.

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