Best Canadian Souvenir Ideas

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6 Best Canadian Souvenir Ideas

If you’re visiting Canada or even just thinking about coming here to spend some time in The Great White North, we’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love with the place and want to take a souvenir home. You’ll more than likely want to find something that reflects your trip and the people you’ve met.

That said, here’s six of the best Canadian souvenir ideas we found.

The Dream Catcher

Canadians are a people striving to make amends with their indigenous cultures. It’s a good idea and a noble pursuit and one of the things that represents that is a dream catcher. These were originally designed by North American native people to protect children from nightmares. A dream catcher at home placed above a bed can filter good thoughts to the sleeping child below.

Maple Syrup

If you are starting to think the best Canadian souvenirs have a natural flair, you’re right on track to catching the spirit of the country. Like its namesake suggests, this is the syrup that comes from a Maple tree. It’s as Canadian as it gets and every bottle is filled with antioxidants and a host of other nutrients.
No real Canadian would eat a pancake or waffle without it.

You can even get a maple syrup scented candle.

Anne of Green Gables

Canadians love to read and the natural wonders in their country have inspired what is this, their most famous literary series. Author Lucy Maud Montgomery did more to capture the enchantment of Prince Edward Island where the series is set back in 1908, than anyone has done since.
Taking home, a copy of the book will provide fond remembrances of that magical island for years to come. Anne of Green Gables Gifts

Canada 150 Gear

The nation just celebrated a big birthday and you can take a piece of it home with you. From pins and mats for your automobile to hoodies and baseball caps, there’s something for everyone.


You might not be able to get one of these stone sculptures on the plane with you, but there are lots of ways you can celebrate this native Canadian artefact. Originally, these stone made artifacts were used as signposts for Inuit people in the Arctic Region of Canada.
Over the years the Inukshuks have become synonymous with the country and show up in a variety of different Canadian souvenir forms. These were used by the brave people who lived in northern regions of Canada for navigation since everything in the snow could look identical.

Hockey Shirts

Even though no-one really likes stereotypes, sometimes they turn out to be true. If you really want to take a piece of Canada with you, one of the suggestions you get from most Canadians is a hockey shirt. Although technically hockey isn’t the national sport, it’s the one that most people associate with The Great White North.

By the way, if you’re really looking to make a big impression, you should choose either a Toronto Maple Leafs or Montréal Canadiens jersey. Those of the teams that young Canadians are always following and dreaming about playing for.

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