Canadian Made Jewellery

Howling Dog Art Seaglass Bracelet

Timeless, Graceful and Unique: Don’t Bypass Howling Dog Art’s Canadian Made Jewellery This Holiday Season

Big box stores sell big box items that are okay for some holiday shoppers. There’s nothing wrong with checking off the names on your Christmas Gifts lists as you wheel a shopping cart up and down their aisles, but here at What A Jewel, we strive to look after those tastes that are a little different and a lot more discerning.

To that end, we’re especially proud to showcase the Made in Canada items like the elegant offerings from Christine Ng-Nickerson and her brand, Howling Dog Art Jewellery.

This self-taught designer has enjoyed a career spanning 13 years and has had her work showcased in fine boutiques nationally. Here you find an exceptional inventory of the finest pendants, earrings and even a Seaglass Silver Bracelet that will quickly enter the category of unique gifts always cherished and never forgotten.

Simple classic design that works for everyday or special occasions is the benchmark and one look at the Blue Starfish Pendant and you’ll understand how irreplaceable this piece made in British Columbia can be.

Remember you’ll find nothing from Howling Dog Art Jewellery on any department store shelves. You can purchase the jewellery from our online gift shop, we will gift wrap it and deliver it.

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