Canadian Gift Ideas – Why You Should Shop Locally

Canadian Gift Ideas

There’s something to be said for buying Canadian. Whether you’re looking at something redolent of the entire Canuck experience like the Maple Candle we offer, or a homegrown supplier like Wanda Shum has caught your eye, there are some excellent reasons for spending your hard-earned dollar at home. Following are just a few and we’re sure there are many others you can add to our list by commenting.

The Economy
In case you haven’t noticed, the global economy we all live in is made up of smaller parts that include the things you and your neighbours produce. Supporting the local economy is about giving your friends and neighbours a helping hand and, in turn, helping your fortunes out at the same time.

The Earth
We’re all concerned about Mother Earth and how we can lessen our carbon footprints. Shopping from the comfort of your own home online is a great start, but you can do even more by keeping your purchases close to home. It stands to reason that products made here in the Great White North take less energy to transport so there’s less of a strain on the earth’s climate.

Some Ideas
Now that we’ve convinced you about why you need to shop within our borders, here are a few outstanding Canadian Gift Ideas that are fantastic examples of your neighbour’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Arts and Crafts. There are a lot of different items that you can enjoy under this rather large umbrella but Candles are always a favourite when they’re made right here at home. Quiet nights with a book or loved ones are made all the more special with a flickering flame crafted on our shores.

Jewellery. When these are handcrafted and made in Canada, there’s little chance that you’ll miss the mark. Some of the more interesting products are made by our good friends on the East Coast. Basic Spirit is one of the suppliers we use because they have an excellent lineup of things for loved ones (including pets) and these folks do a lot of really good work in communities that need help.

Creative Craft Kits. A big part of being Canadian is caring and fostering the creative side of the next generation. That’s why selling homegrown painting kits for kids is important to us—we think an essential part of helping little ones grow up with a real sense of self comes with the feeling of accomplishment they get from these wonderful products we sell from our friends at Artburn.

We’ve always been patriotic here at What A Jewel. The very best in handmade arts and crafts that come from the imaginations and hands of local artists right here in Canada is one of the big cornerstones of our business and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. Why not take a few minutes to search for that special Canadian gift idea that’s not only unique but a proud expression of who we are?

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