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Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation and Small Business

Like all of you I hate spam emails and I totally agree with trying to stop spam. However, I don’t think these new laws will have any effect on the amount of junk email we get; all it will do is further hinder legitimate Canadian small businesses from getting their products and services seen by the public. Small businesses do not have the big advertising budgets of the big corporations for TV, Radio and Print, so they have to use email, online and social media to get their message out.

Anyone who owns a small business in Canada knows that is an uphill battle to get established and while the government keeps on saying that they want to help small business. It’s all talk.

What is spam?
Everybody defines spam differently but the most despised emails are for pharmaceuticals, porn, foreign email and bogus “fishing” emails.

Where do the real spammers get your email address?
There are many hackers who “scrape” the internet to find email address; you may innocently have given your email address to somebody in a post, on your website, on social media or in a chat. Many companies buy and sell their lists of email addresses.

If the government really wants to stop spam email, it cannot do it alone. It can only be done in conjunction with our neighbours to the south and in fact with all the countries of the world supporting it. The likelihood of this happening is …… well let’s just say ….. it’s not going to happen. The Canadian government said it will fine and go after people and companies in other countries who send spam emails to Canada. Hah! What a joke.

So, all that has happened is that in place of “junk” emails coming from Canada they will come from the USA etc. and legitimate Canadian small business will get another nail in its coffin.

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