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When you’re looking through all the different gift ideas on the Internet, there’s not always time to consider important factors like where the items you’re browsing through are made. It stands to reason you can be too overwhelmed by all the choices and price ranges on even one item online to be patriotic, but there are some very good reasons to buy Canadian. Here are a few solid reasons to look for those products that are made right here in the home of the Maple Leaf.

Our Economic Well-being. There are some very grim statistics out there about the number of jobs that have been drained away from Canada in the manufacturing sector alone. One states that we lost 350,000 manufacturing jobs in the five years between 2003 and 2008. Buying Canadian means creating opportunities for Canadians, the more opportunities created the more money in circulation and the more jobs get invented. In short, buying Canadian helps to reverse those other cycles that create nasty statistics.

Safety Standards.  Buying from the people who live in the country means getting goods and services that meet our rigorous health and safety standards. There might be a small difference in the price when you buy within our shores, but you can rest easy knowing the products that arrive at your home will be safe and reliable.

Labour Standards.  Regardless of what you buy from our country, you can be sure the people who made it were treated decently and fairly and that they didn’t need to work in unsafe or even dangerous conditions. Sadly, our high standards are not always met by some of the other countries who sell their products inside our borders.

The Environment.  Of course, we live in a huge country but even with the immense size of Canada taken into account, buying here at home helps to lessen our carbon footprint by reducing the amount of transportation needed.

There are other reasons, but those are some of the high points for why you should shop Canadian. Remember that giving away a unique gift makes you feel good in the first place, so why not increase that feeling by helping out the people right here at home? Shopping on the Internet is one of the most convenient ways to see all the goods and services you’ll ever need.

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  1. S Emerson says:

    We are having a hard time finding Made in Canada suppliers for our site. It really would be nice to support our fellow Canadians if we could.

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