Bigger is Not Always Better

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No doubt you have seen all these big new online stores in Canada plastering the internet, TV and radio with adverts. They all offer “Free Shipping”, ” Big Deal “, SALE – 70% off etc.

No company no matter how big can offer free shipping on anything they sell without a substantial minimum order amount, especially in Canada. They will eventually go out of business.

They also can’t give huge discounts on quality products, only cheap imports.

“Get big quick” companies often are unable to offer great service. Most of these companies do not keep any stock, they send the orders out to a supplier who is supposed to fulfill the order. It is virtually impossible to control this process as the company gets more and more orders the service will deteriorate.

It is not always the case that bigger is better. Many smaller companies use the same technology as the big ones. They keep what they sell in stock and therefore can control their shipping and service.

Buy niche. If you want an umbrella, buy from an online umbrella store, if you want fudge, buy from an online fudge store and if you want gifts, buy from an online gift shop. These stores specialize in what they do and sell; you will get exactly what you want with great service.

Remember a big deal is not always a deal. Buy cheap imported products and they may last, or not. Buy quality, locally made if possible and the product will last for many years, now that’s a deal.

Case in point:

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