Uniquely Flavoured Basilur Tea

Basilur Cream Fantasy Tea

Whether you just like the tradition and mystic that surrounds tea or are an aficionado who knows exactly when to ‘take tea’, one of our latest additions from the far reaches of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is sure to entice the taste buds as well as the need for something on the exotic side.

We’ve brought in Basilur tea as a new item in our online gift shop because it suits our clientele with discerning tastes. It doesn’t matter if you’re more attuned to a rich blend of black teas infused with exotic fruit flavours, a green tea blended together with berries and cream or pure Ceylon black tea and strawberries to name a few choices, Basilur tea offers something both unique and urbane for people with sophisticated tastes.

Remember any one of these fines choices makes an outstanding Christmas gift or just an everyday expression to that special someone when you want to make an unforgettable gesture. We offer gift wrapping and shipping so there’s really nothing for you to do but select the right blend.

Basilur tea has found a new home in our online gift shop because we know you’ll try it once and make one of these luxurious blends the favoured beverage for all kinds of refined rendezvous’.

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