Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower Gift - Suitcase

It’s hard not to get carried away on the swell of good feeling when you’re buying baby shower gifts, and there’s every reason to enjoy spreading good tidings to a growing family. However, you need to be sure you don’t buy a gift that hasn’t been duplicated so often it might not even get removed from the package, or one that isn’t what the new parents need.

Here a few tips to keep you both practical and sentimental.

Pink is good. Too much pink, not so much

There’s nothing wrong with being traditional, but you do need to use a bit of good judgment at the same time. While pink is the colour for the baby girl, there’s no need to limit your gifts to that colour only. Of course you might want to stay away from blue for those little girls, but there are other shades that tell everyone you’ve put a little thought into what you’ve bought. Spring green, white or even lighter shades of brown are nice alternates and the chances are the extra effort will be appreciated.

Buy for the season

New parents will appreciate all the items they get during a baby shower, but the ones they can use right away will get the bigger accolades. Here’s a hint. If you know someone is pregnant, try to guess at least the general season they’ll give birth in and buy something for a shower that hasn’t even been announced yet. Remember, if you wait until that little bundle of joy arrives, you could find yourself in that tricky time when stores are changing inventories. That could leave you with limited choices.

Gift Certificates Are No Cop-Out

Gift certificates are a great way for new Moms to pick out what they need after all the other gifts have been opened and cataloged. These generally come in several different denominations, making it easy to add some variety. Picking ones to be redeemed at an online gift shop allows new Mommies to shop for what they need from the comfort of their own homes where they can keep a watchful eye on their new bundle.

Finally, take your time, enjoy the process and even get a little creative. Looking through the different gift ideas the Internet supplies might just steer your gifting in directions you might not have otherwise thought of.

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