Artburn Painting Kits. What a Lovely Different Gift!

Artburn Painting Kits

Do you want to keep your kids busy or do you need a last-minute gift for a friend’s kid(s)? If so, we have just the thing for you. Take a look at our variety of Artburn T-Shirts and Pillow Case Painting Kits (which include paints and a paintbrush).

Kids, as well as adults, can paint them. The good thing is one doesn’t have to be artistic and however they are painted, they will look terrific. I know, as I have painted a few myself as last-minute gifts. I choose an easy design and paint it in the morning and then give the gift in the afternoon. This way you and/or your kids are having fun painting as well as having a gift to give. A couple of my favourite relatively “easy” T-Shirt designs are the Choo Choo Train, Butterfly Sky and Freaky Frog and the Magic Pillow Pillowcase (which is said to make kids sleep better and have sweet dreams).

The paint in the kit has all the colours needed to paint a vibrant and eye-catching shirt/pillowcase. The lines show through even if one mistakenly paints over them. The painted shirt feels soft and silky once dry. One thing, don`t forget to heat-set the paint before giving a painted gift or washing one of the shirts or pillowcases your kid paints. Instructions are in the kit.

Enjoy!!!!!! You won’t be disappointed.

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