The History:

The history of this farm is the history of William Beekman, who built the farm in 1802. He was orphaned at sea, a child soldier in the Revolutionary War, and a businessman who grew his business with such integrity that he rose from humble beginnings to be the first judge of Schoharie County and a Senator—all without any formal education.

The Owners:

The Beekman 1802 product line was founded by Brent and Josh.

Brent is a physician, co-founder of Beekman 1802, and television personality. He was formerly the Vice President of Healthy Living for Martha Stewart Omnimedia.

Josh is a writer, co-founder of Beekman 1802, and television personality. He’s known for his New York Times and National bestselling memoirs; The Bucolic Plague and I Am Not Myself These Days.

They say “We founded Beekman 1802 in 2008. But we actually consider ourselves to be a 211-year-old company. When we stumbled across the Beekman Farm in upstate New York, we had no plans to create a business around it. We started making goat milk soaps and gourmet cheeses in 2008 and one thing led to another…now we are proud to have over 180 employees and be recognized as one of the most successful lifestyle brands in America by Nasdaq, Inc Magazine & The Wall Street Journal. Like Judge William Beekman, who originally built the farm over 200 years ago, we were inspired by the land and the community to build something lasting.”

The Products:

The line consists of a full lineup of soaps, lotions and lip balms, with amazing scents, all made with goat milk.

Goat milk benefits:

  • Goat milk is high in lactic acid, a natural exfoliant, which makes it easier to purge pores for clear, beautiful skin
  • The moisturizing qualities of fatty acids  found in goat milk keep skin baby soft.and triglycerides
  • Having a similar pH to human skin, goat milk balances the pH level of our own skin, which helps keep bacteria at bay.
  • Soap is triple milled which makes it last much longer as it does not get all squishy like most soaps do. Leaves very little soap scum in the bath / shower.
  • Lathers very well.
  • Sulfate, Paraben, Petroleum & Phosphate free.
  • Cruelty free.

Made in the USA

NOTE: The above information and wording was taken from the Beekman 1802 website.