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Some tips for picking the right anniversary gift

Buying an Anniversary Gift to celebrate the day you got married is one those really special occasions that demands a little extra touch and some added thought. Remember, the most cherished gifts for this special day are the ones that reflect some unique aspects of your relationship. That said, here are a few helpful thought starters to set you on your way.


Here’s an interesting way to look at a gift for your anniversary. Why not pick a gift based on the numbers of years you’ve been married? Two years might be dinner and a show. Three years could equal dinner, a show and then some dancing. Of course, you’ll need to get even more inventive when deciding on gifts once the anniversary gets up into the decades, but a little imagination here will go a long way.


Many of us collect things and there’s no better way for a loved one to remember the mood from that one special day than with a recent addition. Does you wife like to collect mugs or spoons? Taking the time to have a special engraving done on either /or will make a keepsake she’ll always look at fondly. Adding to one of his sports memorabilia collections is a great way for you to get in his good books.

Something Missed

One other interesting idea is to pick a gift based on something that was missing from another part of your life. Ask around and you’ll find out almost no one had the perfect wedding in all aspects. Usually there is at least one thing like a picture or video that was missed or lost as the years slipped by. Booking an appointment with a professional photographer or videographer can be just the thing to fill in those missing moments, even if the years have gone by.

Of course you can always count on jewellery or some soothing spa products for her and tools, gadgets or camping equipment for him.

Here are a few final thoughts to make the whole moment complete. Remember to pick out at least one card to go with the gifts you finally decide on. Some couples pick a sentimental and funny one to exchange. Try to stay away from items you need around the house. Even if you’ve agreed your old vacuum cleaner needs to be replaced, your anniversary is not the time to do it. Finally, remember to start the day off with a heartfelt “Happy Anniversary, I love you,” to your spouse.