We are an online boutique and gift shop based in Toronto, Canada and have been serving Canadians and Americans since 2007.

Our focus is on finding unique gifts for family, friends, significant others and for all occasions. We are growing rapidly and are increasing our ranges and product offerings all the time.

We search for unique and exceptional products to bring to our customers, and while we source our products from companies around the world, we are a proudly Canadian company and try hard to support other excellent Canadian companies; therefore you will find that many of our products are made or designed in Canada.

Most of the products and unique gifts in our store cannot be found in the large “big box” stores.

We are as concerned about the environment as you are, and try our best to find companies and products that are eco-friendly.

Our goal is to give our customers a great shopping experience by providing them with a range of high quality products and excellent service.

We hope you will enjoy shopping in our store, and remember, we are committed to keeping the information you give us, safe and secure. This information will not be shared.


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